Going Beyond Red vs. Blue

Bill Moyers, formerly of Public Television, gave a wonderful speech two weeks ago.  The entire text can be found here – http://www.commondreams.org/views05/0516-34.htm. In it he talks about being a journalist who refuses to be limted by the Democrat vs. Republican, Left vs. Right power structure. Just giving both sides their due, he says, isn’t enough. Journalists (and, in my opinion, the prophetic pulpit of the church) must call attention to the truth behind the headline grabbers. Behind the facade of the Democrat vs Republican struggle is a system that empowers the parties and maintains the (political, economic, social) status quo. Journalists (and the church) should call attention to these larger factors which are at work in our society, and challenge them.

As Lutherans who recognize the muck of our human condition, who know that few things are purely sinful or purely saintly, we should be concerned about the use of absolutes (often tinged with religious language) that is currently at work in our social and political system.  Both sides see themselves as righteous and the other side as cataclysmically wrong (note the "nuclear option").  Our simul justus et peccator approach to life and our Christian Freedom empower us to step between and beyond Red vs. Blue.

Published by C. Duckworth

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One thought on “Going Beyond Red vs. Blue

  1. Hi,
    I have written five songs that will be recorded in Nashville
    (one is country)in about three months. The lyrics to two of the songs are pro Lutheran, and two pro Iraq war. The lyrics are as dignified as the subject matter, and the song styles are
    a mixture of blues, torch (jazz), easy listning, and one country. I will be using the best independent studio in Nashville to record, and the best non famous vocalists in Nashville to lend their amazing talent to the project.
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    The subject matter of the CD is a hard sell, but the music will
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    This is a very serious project – – – let me know if you want to
    Bob Anderson

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