Road Rant

I travel alot with my job (47K miles on the northeast’s best highways since Feb 1, 2004). As a road warrior, I have the joy of frequently visiting interstate rest areas. I’m sure you don’t envy me. I have many complaints about these pot holes with toilets. I’ll stick to one of my more "tame" rest area complaints for now.

Why do rest area convenience stores only carry "King Size" candy bars? I don’t want a 1 ft. Butterfinger that is as thick as a soda can. The King Size Butterfinger ain’t a finger – it’s an arm or a leg. It’s a Butterappendige. It’s gross. I love Butterfingers, but these steroid-fed candy bars are more freakish than Jason Giambi’s zit-infested MVP statistics. It’s gotta be some sort of conspiracy.

Road Rant Done.  But I have a 1,000+ mile trip coming up in early June.  I’ll be sure to have more Road Rants at that time . . .

Published by C. Duckworth

Spouse. Parent. Lutheran Pastor. National Guardsman. Political Junkie. Baseball Fan.

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