Ten Commandments Countdown

Today the Supreme Court (whose chief justice is a Lutheran) will rule on the constitionality of displaying the Ten Commandments in courts.  I have no idea how they’ll rule, but I’d love to see them rule against the public display of the commandments.  The commandments are inherently  a religious document given by God to a community of religious people.  It doesn’t have a place in a civic institution.

"They’re taking God out of our courts, our schools, our civic life," evangelical Christians cry each time the courts rule against overt religious activity in the public sphere.  Wow.  People who make that claim must have a low view of God, believing that God’s presence in a particular place is based upon people’s will rather than God’s will.  The truth is, God is present and active in our schools, in our courts, in every aspect of our lives.  But when you have a Theology of Glory, if you don’t see "divine victory" at every turn, you actually think that God and God’s people are losing some sort of cosmic battle.

God bless the courts.

Published by C. Duckworth

Spouse. Parent. Lutheran Pastor. National Guardsman. Political Junkie. Baseball Fan.

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