About these Sermons

I’m a preacher, among other things.  And so I post my sermons here, at The Lutheran Zephyr: Sermons.

How long have you been preaching?
I’ve preached sporadically since the late 1990s, when I entered seminary.  Since December 2008 I’ve been preaching every other week as an Associate Pastor.  I’ve lost many of my earliest sermons – a mixed blessing, for sure – but any complete sermons that I have found and all future sermons will be posted here.

What’s up with the weird layout of your sermon manuscripts?
I write my sermons with a loose sentence structure, with indentations and breaks, building upon phrases and thoughts rather than carefully-crafted, grammatically-correct sentences appropriate for publishing.  I find that writing in this loose sentence structure – rather than in a paragraph format – helps keep my writing and my delivery more natural, since the task of a preacher is different than the task of an essayist or lecturer.  However, copying and pasting this format from Microsoft Word to the blog’s HTML code isn’t always clean.  My apologies.

Are you a good preacher?
Sermons are posted “as-is,” and no guarantee is made that these sermons are insightful, moving, or even very good.  Surely some of these sermons are, and surely some are not.  But I view this blog more as a repository than as a showcase.  Read at your own risk!

So, what’s here?
All the sermons I’ve written and preached since my ordination in December 2008 are posted on The Lutheran Zephyr: Sermons (there is also a sermon archives).  Extant sermons delivered prior to my ordination can be found at my old sermons page. Thank you for visiting.

Can I subscibe to your sermons via RSS or email?
Yup! Click here and get links to my sermons on your Google or Yahoo (or most any other service) homepage, or in your feedreader, when they’re posted.  An email subscription option is also available by clicking on that link.

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