Back in The Groove

In the recent weeks I’ve moved and gone on two business trips. Argh. Nice to be back, however (I leave on Thursday for my next trip). In other news, the ELCA Churchwide Assembly met in Orlando, FL. It is not surprising that the sexuality proposals (permitting the ordination of gay pastors, granting pastoral discretion andContinue reading “Back in The Groove”

Exploring Emergent, Part II

Argh. Spending my spare time in the past day or two (ie, time not working or playing with my 2 year old daughter) reading online articles about the Emergent Church, I have already deduced that my early observations on the Emergent Church are very limited. But I’m intrigued enough by this movement that I’ll continueContinue reading “Exploring Emergent, Part II”

Our Discomfort with Faith

In today’s New York Times (July 21, 2005), there’s a thorough article about our next Supreme Court justice, John Roberts. (He seems like an alright guy, and despite my liberal tendencies I will not join the knee-jerk throngs who oppose his nomination.) What fascinated me about the article is the cautious and uncomfortable tone itContinue reading “Our Discomfort with Faith”