Holy War Against Genetically Modified Foods

Sports Illustrated has a weekly feature called, "This Week’s Sign of the Apocalypse," highlighting the bizarre and strange in the world of sports. Well, this week’s sign of the apocalypse in the religious world might be a little blurb I saw in The Christian Century (July 12, 2005, page 17). The Christian Century reports that,Continue reading “Holy War Against Genetically Modified Foods”

“A (wrong) Church-State Solution”

Noah Feldman, in today’s New York Times Magazine, offers a misguided solution to the church-state tension in this country. Citing a divide between Values Evangelicals and Legal Secularists, he suggests that all government funding should be withdrawn from religious institutions (would this include government research grants or student loans for universities such as Notre Dame?)Continue reading ““A (wrong) Church-State Solution””

Church/State Separation

The Supreme Court this week gave a split ruling on the display of the Ten Commandments in court houses. It’s hard to argue against historical displays dating over 150 years old, such as that in the Supreme Court. But I wouldn’t call a monument erected in the 1950s historical (the Texas state courthouse Ten CommandmentsContinue reading “Church/State Separation”

Ten Commandments Countdown

Today the Supreme Court (whose chief justice is a Lutheran) will rule on the constitionality of displaying the Ten Commandments in courts.  I have no idea how they’ll rule, but I’d love to see them rule against the public display of the commandments.  The commandments are inherently  a religious document given by God to aContinue reading “Ten Commandments Countdown”