Weekly Newsweek Fix – Playing God

In the May 23 edition of Newsweek, there’s an interesting article about a new computer game called "Spore" in which the player begins as a single cell and grows/evolves to create animals,  people, tribes, societies, war, peace – you get the idea. (Now, May the Force Be . . . Us page 68). The article’sContinue reading “Weekly Newsweek Fix – Playing God”

Lutheran Left in the Blogosphere?

I am a 1-day veteran of blogging. I have lots to learn, to read, to experience on the blogosphere (by the way, where is the blogosphere in relation to the atmosphere, stratosphere, or hemisphere?). But I’m amazed that I’ve stumbled upon Lutheran blogs of the "conservative", self-described confessional type, but few if any of theContinue reading “Lutheran Left in the Blogosphere?”

Children in Worship

I have a 22 month-old daughter. She generally sits with us in worship. And amidst her snacks, sippy cups, crayons, books, stuffed animals and Elmo doll, she is participating in the community’s worship – she is worshipping. She stands, she sits, she watches curiously/attentively as pastor raises the bread and cup, she comes forward forContinue reading “Children in Worship”