Churches on Facebook

I recently started a Facebook page for my congregation, Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church in Arlington, VA.  It's a simple little page, and so far has 28 fans (a few of which are friends of mine not really attached to the congregation!).  It is a modest endeavor, for sure, listing upcoming events, sermon texts, and basicContinue reading “Churches on Facebook”

Political, but not Partisan

When I returned to blogging a few months after my ordination I vowed to stay away from politics, rather wanting to focus this blog on church, theology, and other matters.  Yet in the past few days I have found myself consumed with the situation surrounding Judge Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court, both onContinue reading “Political, but not Partisan”

A few comments about comments

For the first time in the four years of this blog I've received a series of mean-spirited and highly critical comments.  I've deleted his comments not because they are critical (there are plenty of critical comments on this blog!), and not only because they border on mean-spirited name-calling (which they do and which is reasonContinue reading “A few comments about comments”

Decline of faith-based niche blogging?

I have noticed a decline in the number of blogposts appearing in my Google Reader in recent months.  The decline includes my blog, of course, as I've been blogging infrequently since December.  But I am not alone.  Many of the "churchy" blogs that I used to read regularly are posting less often.  With the exceptionContinue reading “Decline of faith-based niche blogging?”