Peanut Butter Chocolate Heaven

One of the joys of Halloween is sampling my daughter’s candy.  One of the treasures I found in her pumpkin candy basket from yesterday’s church Halloween party was a wonderful Reese’s Crispy Crunchy Bar.  As a lover of peanut butter chocolate candy, I ate this treat and was immediately transported to heaven.  The chopped peanuts,Continue reading “Peanut Butter Chocolate Heaven”

What’s on the radio: Philly vs. Washington, and other radio musings

A radio station billed as "NPR with caffeine" is going off the air after only an 18 month lifespan.  Washington Post Radio, which tried to turn newspaper reporters and columnists into talk radio hosts in the DC area, never took off, earning only 1.2% of the listening audience.  I guess that NPR doesn’t need caffeine,Continue reading “What’s on the radio: Philly vs. Washington, and other radio musings”

XM is back – thanks Josh, thanks Dad

I had canceled my XM Satellite Radio subscription several months ago in a cost-cutting measure (at $12.95/month the move was more symbolic, perhaps, than anything else).  But my best bud Josh got me a few months worth of XM service as a thank-you for helping out with his wedding (I was his best man!), andContinue reading “XM is back – thanks Josh, thanks Dad”