Why Do We Allow the Government to Misuse our Bible?

Why is the Bible (or, as the law says, the Holy Scriptures) used in courts to swear an oath? It seems to me that the Bible is a font of God’s Word, a collection of writings received as Holy and True and Sacred to the Christian community. In some faith communities, it is so hallowedContinue reading “Why Do We Allow the Government to Misuse our Bible?”

Holy War Against Genetically Modified Foods

Sports Illustrated has a weekly feature called, "This Week’s Sign of the Apocalypse," highlighting the bizarre and strange in the world of sports. Well, this week’s sign of the apocalypse in the religious world might be a little blurb I saw in The Christian Century (July 12, 2005, page 17). The Christian Century reports that,Continue reading “Holy War Against Genetically Modified Foods”