Good Luck Jessicah, Tony, Chip

Good luck to Jessicah Duckworth (my wife!), Tony Jones and Chip Hardwick who begin their Ph.D. Practical Theology Comprehensive Exams today at Princeton Theological Seminary. Some of you may know Tony, who was blogging at (until exam preparation took up too much of his time). It’s an amazing task, to sit down for sevenContinue reading “Good Luck Jessicah, Tony, Chip”

Children in Worship

I have a 22 month-old daughter. She generally sits with us in worship. And amidst her snacks, sippy cups, crayons, books, stuffed animals and Elmo doll, she is participating in the community’s worship – she is worshipping. She stands, she sits, she watches curiously/attentively as pastor raises the bread and cup, she comes forward forContinue reading “Children in Worship”