“Kids Have No Manners Today”

Kids running around the mall food court, kicking and screaming in the grocery store, or running laps in the church hall during coffee hour.  "Kids have no manners today," we say.  Though that statement clearly reflects some selective memory at work – as if kids were entirely well-behaved 30 or 60 years ago – thereContinue reading ““Kids Have No Manners Today””

Snoverkill: Will The Schools Ever Reopen?

I've lost track of how many days of school that my daughter has missed due to the snow.  It's just ridiculous.  Arlington Public Schools (APS) Superintendent Patrick K. Murphy has done a good job of using email and text messages to keep in touch with families about school cancellations.  In an email on February 8,Continue reading “Snoverkill: Will The Schools Ever Reopen?”

The Gift of Worshiping with my Family

I'm a pastor.  I wear the funny shirt, the robe, the stoles.  I say the P parts of the liturgy.  I sit up front.  And I love it. But one thing I don't love so much is that I no longer sit alongside my wife and children in worship.  Before I was ordained, I lovedContinue reading “The Gift of Worshiping with my Family”

Unable to Understand the Gift

This was first published in my congregation's December 2009 newsletter. It was a magnificent gift for a little train-loving boy – a battery-powered Micky Mouse train that came with its own track and made all kinds of train noises.  The toy was clearly labeled "Ages 3+," but my 6 and 3 year-old daughters wanted toContinue reading “Unable to Understand the Gift”

Speaking of Death & Resurrection with My 6 Year-Old

My grandmother, Wanda, died on Sunday evening, at the age of 86.  There's no hiding this fact from my children, particularly our oldest, Tali, who is six years old.  She overheard me talking about my grandmother's death, and she asked me what a heart attack was. ME: Well, a heart attack is when the heartContinue reading “Speaking of Death & Resurrection with My 6 Year-Old”