The Church’s (Clear?) Mission

Over the past four years, in my current and previous jobs and in my volunteer work with the local synod, I have had the joy of talking with dozens – hundreds, perhaps – of pastors, church professionals, and volunteers from Lutheran congregations throughout the northeast United States. I have talked with leaders of congregations thatContinue reading “The Church’s (Clear?) Mission”

Going Beyond Red vs. Blue

Bill Moyers, formerly of Public Television, gave a wonderful speech two weeks ago.  The entire text can be found here – In it he talks about being a journalist who refuses to be limted by the Democrat vs. Republican, Left vs. Right power structure. Just giving both sides their due, he says, isn’t enough.Continue reading “Going Beyond Red vs. Blue”

Lutheran Left in the Blogosphere?

I am a 1-day veteran of blogging. I have lots to learn, to read, to experience on the blogosphere (by the way, where is the blogosphere in relation to the atmosphere, stratosphere, or hemisphere?). But I’m amazed that I’ve stumbled upon Lutheran blogs of the "conservative", self-described confessional type, but few if any of theContinue reading “Lutheran Left in the Blogosphere?”