Same Gender Marriage & The State: A Perspective Rooted in Freedom & Faith

Yesterday I stood with hundreds of fellow citizens outside the doors of the Indiana State House¬†Judiciary Committee, which held a hearing on HJR-3 – a proposed state constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. I was part of the large crowd opposing this unnecessary, anti-family proposal. As a personContinue reading “Same Gender Marriage & The State: A Perspective Rooted in Freedom & Faith”

Ditching Father and Resisting Gender Roles

There are other reasons I am leaving¬†Father behind. [See my previous post, Relationship: Parent, my most-viewed blogpost ever, for my initial explanation of why I’m leaving this term behind.] For one, I increasingly reject gender roles. The terms Mother and Father are filled with notions of parental responsibility and care (good!), but are also ladenContinue reading “Ditching Father and Resisting Gender Roles”

Relationship: Parent

I recently completed a marathon of paperwork for my children’s elementary school. It is my annual handwriting workout. I write more by hand at this time of year than at any other time of the year. Emergency contact forms. Medical forms. Tell us about your child forms. School policy forms. How your child gets toContinue reading “Relationship: Parent”

Just how are gun owners, and the NRA, oppressed?

Gun owners, NRA members, please help me out. I’m having a hard time understanding something. At the NRA’s news conference yesterday, Wayne LaPierre characterized gun advocates and gun owners as victimized by a liberal media, as an oppressed segment of society simply advocating for their civil rights. They feel as if undo blame has beenContinue reading “Just how are gun owners, and the NRA, oppressed?”

Violence Pollution

Polluted air will affect a small number of people more than most. The majority who are pretty healthy will have few, if any, ill effects. Those with certain conditions will become sicker and sicker, even to the point of death. Our cultural air has become polluted with violence, and our society littered with firearms. ThisContinue reading “Violence Pollution”