Seen today: disses my beloved East Coast, but whatever. a Pew Research Center study showed that only about 17% of Americans attend religious services on a weekly basis; thus, most Colts fans aren’t rushing home from church to watch the game. if they were rushing home from church where the Gospel of grace was proclaimed,Continue reading “EVERYTHING WILL BE GIVEN!!!”

The Kingdom of God is Like a 10K Race

The following is a parable that was revealed to me while watching runners – including my dear wife, Jessicah – finish a 10K race on Saturday.  I'm pretty sure it was one of those parables that either got lost in translation or didn't make the final cut for the synoptic gospels, perhaps due to itsContinue reading “The Kingdom of God is Like a 10K Race”

Tiger Woods, Figure Skating, et al: Sport or Show?

Though this blog is usually focused on church and ministry-related themes, I couldn't help myself.  There are a few sports stories out there today that I just demanded my attention. Thomas Boswell, the excellent sports columnist for the Washington Post, critiques Tiger Woods' performance yesterday as a "10-course ego feast … [a] stop-the-world presidential-style non-newsContinue reading “Tiger Woods, Figure Skating, et al: Sport or Show?”

Why I Support Michael Vick

I support Michael Vick's reinstatement to the NFL and his signing with my home-town Eagles. It's not because I think he can help the team (which I do), and it's not because I believe that folks deserve second chances (which I do), but it's because I don't like unwritten rules. Ever since Michael Vick wasContinue reading “Why I Support Michael Vick”

Surprised by Hope: Delay of Game

The blogpost due today on Chapter 4 of NT Wright's Surprised by Hope – part of a series on that book – will be delayed by one day.  A full day of work and chores, coupled with a very good Eagles-Cowboys game (in progress, as of this writing), are to blame. Please check in laterContinue reading “Surprised by Hope: Delay of Game”