Cooperative Youth Ministry

This weekend my congregation participated in a Confirmation Ministry retreat with two other congregations (the two other congregations are both about three miles from my congregation, and about five miles from each other – we're all very close!).  Combined we had 15 children and four adults (three of whom are pastors) on the trip.  BringingContinue reading “Cooperative Youth Ministry”

Is Youth Ministry Leadership Dominated by Men?

Years ago I was a youth director, and now as an associate pastor I am getting back into the youth ministry groove.  As I've begun to review the resources, associations, conferences, and organizations dedicated to youth ministry, I'm struck by how many of them are headlined by men.  Admittedly, I'm just beginning to get re-acquaintedContinue reading “Is Youth Ministry Leadership Dominated by Men?”

After the Children’s Bible, what?

I love children's Bibles, particularly the Augsburg Fortress Spark Story Bible and the American Bible Society's Read and Learn Bible.  Children's Bibles put the stories of faith into words and pictures in a way that makes them accessible to children, allowing children to grow familiar with Noah and Moses, Jesus and the disciples, and theContinue reading “After the Children’s Bible, what?”

Acolytes … What good are they?

I need your input: what do acolytes do at your church?  I'm thinking about tweaking the acolyte role at my congregation, and I want your input. I ask this because, in general, I think that most of our churches do a disservice to children by subjecting them to and limiting them to roles of candle-lighter andContinue reading “Acolytes … What good are they?”

Asking Youth Ministry Questions

On Sunday I'm gathering with members of my congregation to talk about the future of youth ministry here.  We currently have a vibrant Confirmation Class that meets on Sunday mornings, and a group of 15 youth and 5 adults just returned all pumped up from a weekend youth gathering sponsored by the synod.  We currentlyContinue reading “Asking Youth Ministry Questions”