Spirit Room, in retrospect

I put together the Spirit Room at a youth event attended by about 200 youth this weekend.  The Spirit Room was never a scheduled part of the programming, but simply a Free Time option for the kids.  (I also served as the chaplain for the event). Overall, I think the Spirit Room was a success. Continue reading “Spirit Room, in retrospect”

It’s a Miracle!

I’ve been part of a youth event this weekend – my role was to put together the "Spirit Room" – a room dedicated to prayer, reflection, and meditation, with several stations or activities to guide participants. One of the stations was a Baptismal Station, in which young people were invited to write their sins onContinue reading “It’s a Miracle!”

Youth Spirit Room (in progress – feedback needed!)

I’m putting together the "Spirit Room" at a youth event this weekend. This is a quasi-chapel place where kids will come for reflection and prayer. In past years, adapted prayer labyrinths have been used. This year’s Spirit Room will not be a labyrinth, but will be filled with various experiential activities. It will feature fiveContinue reading “Youth Spirit Room (in progress – feedback needed!)”

Cheerin’ Them On

I love this commercial from MasterCard ("Professional Fan" featuring Peyton Manning cheering on diner waitress, grocery store attendant and other hourly workers while on the job). Not only is it funny, but it is exactly what we in the church should be doing. Huh? Vocation. Encouraging people in their daily work, their ordinary day-to-day tasks.Continue reading “Cheerin’ Them On”

The Problem with Church Fundraisers

Lutheran youth around the country are busy raising money for the ELCA National Youth Gathering. This is a problem. Fundraisers are lousy things for kids to be involved in (right up there with sex, drugs, and the Young Republicans, but I digress). Here’s a few reasons why: Kids do fundraising. Adults don’t. When it comesContinue reading “The Problem with Church Fundraisers”