Knick-Knack Jesus OK in VA

I just read Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's opinion regarding the constitutionality of religious displays on public ground during the holidays, including displays of Jesus (pdf document of opinion; Washington Post blogpost on the matter). The sad thing is this: displays of Jesus are allowed on public ground so long as such displays are "notContinue reading “Knick-Knack Jesus OK in VA”

Freedom of Religion vs. Freedom of Worship

In speeches over the past few months, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have both used the phrase "freedom of worship," rather than the more common phrase "freedom of religion," found in the First Amendment.  Some religious conservatives are raising concerns about what this change in terminology could mean for domestic and foreignContinue reading “Freedom of Religion vs. Freedom of Worship”

The Blessed and Holy Task of Being God’s People (Lectionary 14, Year C)

Lectionary 14 (Sixth Sunday after Pentecost)Luke 10:1-11, 16-20July 4th, 2010 Grace to you and peace, from the one who is, who was, and who is to come.  Amen. I went back home to Philadelphia last week for five days with my kids.I went to a baseball game to see my beloved Phillies play – theyContinue reading “The Blessed and Holy Task of Being God’s People (Lectionary 14, Year C)”

“An attack upon our religious freedoms [by] an athiest in Wisconsin”

Shirley Dobson, Chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, is calling for praying Americans to sign a petition in support of the National Day of Prayer.  But in so doing, she takes an unnecessary swipe at a federal judge and fans flames of a fire that need not burn. On April 15, 2010,Continue reading ““An attack upon our religious freedoms [by] an athiest in Wisconsin””