Choosing Church … or Vacation, or Soccer, or Work, or Family Time, or …

One of the most subtle yet significant learnings I picked up at the ELCA Youth Ministry Network's Extravaganza was a simple little law filled with love: Don't complain about parents who take their kids to (insert activity) instead of church. They are doing so out of love.  Indeed, the importance of this little law didn'tContinue reading “Choosing Church … or Vacation, or Soccer, or Work, or Family Time, or …”

Examining the “Ecology” (and Ecclesiology?) of the ELCA

My blogging friend Erik (koinonia, @erikullestad) recently wrote a post about a new ELCA task force of which he is a member:  “Living Into the Future Together (LIFT): Renewing The Ecology of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America”.  From a November 19, 2009 ELCA press release we learn that "the task force will examine theContinue reading “Examining the “Ecology” (and Ecclesiology?) of the ELCA”

Is Youth Ministry Leadership Dominated by Men?

Years ago I was a youth director, and now as an associate pastor I am getting back into the youth ministry groove.  As I've begun to review the resources, associations, conferences, and organizations dedicated to youth ministry, I'm struck by how many of them are headlined by men.  Admittedly, I'm just beginning to get re-acquaintedContinue reading “Is Youth Ministry Leadership Dominated by Men?”