Questioning My Commitments to “The System”

I leaned over to a pastor friend of mine and said, “It’s events such as this that make me question my commitment to traditional forms of worship and ministry.”

Confirmation Ministry: Sunday Evening Gatherings

In an earlier post I shared how we are using the Here We Stand confirmation ministry curriculum to help us teach the Bible to our 7th and 8th graders.  Yet the hour-long, traditional Sunday School class session – informally dubbed "Learning Faith" – is only one of two core program components of our ministry.  TheContinue reading “Confirmation Ministry: Sunday Evening Gatherings”

Congregational Viability and the Future of the Church

I've been a pastor for a whopping 18 months, but have worked in church settings – seminary, congregations, church publishing house – for much of the last ten years.  As I settle into my career and my life as a parent of growing children, I find myself looking ahead.  And as I look ahead, IContinue reading “Congregational Viability and the Future of the Church”

Trying to Make Sense of Israel and Gaza and a Lutheran Bishop

Today I had the privilege of attending a briefing at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC for leaders in the faith community regarding Israel's interception of six boats bound for Gaza with humanitarian supplies, an incident that turned deadly on one of the vessels.  A high level officer at the embassy gave a statementContinue reading “Trying to Make Sense of Israel and Gaza and a Lutheran Bishop”

The Charter of the ELCA Ecology Task Force

A web presence for the ELCA’s new Ecology task force is is coming soon, but here are the notes (copied from a .pdf document linked here) outlining the purpose and scope of the ELCA’s new task force. Awkward formatting due to copying and pasting from a .pdf document.  To read the .pdf, click above link,Continue reading “The Charter of the ELCA Ecology Task Force”