Four Big Things in Chile Right Now

Currently there are two major, nearly simultaneous political events occurring in Chile – the writing of a new constitution (to replace the 1980 constitution imposed by the dictatorship) and an election for president. There are also two major, nearly simultaneous social realities that are capturing headlines currently – waves of undocumented immigration (mostly entering fromContinue reading “Four Big Things in Chile Right Now”

Morning Prayer Following the Elections

Tomorrow at my congregation, Grace Lutheran on the East Side of Saint Paul, we will gather to pray for our state and nation following the elections. Please join us – in person, or in spirit. Morning Prayer On the Occasion of Local, State, and National Elections Wednesday, November 7, 10am Grace Lutheran Church, Saint Paul, MNContinue reading “Morning Prayer Following the Elections”

I got a MN drivers license – and voted – without any proof of living here

But Voter ID is a bad fix to a legitimate problem. Shortly after moving to Minnesota last August, I got a drivers license and registered to vote without ever showing any proof of residency. I didn't have to present a utility bill sent to my address in my name. I didn't have to show aContinue reading “I got a MN drivers license – and voted – without any proof of living here”