It’s ok to be weary

It’s ok to be weary tired exhausted spent worn out doneit doesn’t feel ok, of course, to be weary. I know it doesn’t feel ok, and so does your co-worker, neighbor, and friend. Your boss knows too, but probably won’t let on. Work needs to get done, of course. You see, we all know it,Continue reading “It’s ok to be weary”

The Bible’s “Marathon” Verses – 26:2

I am running my second-ever marathon this Saturday. A marathon is 26.2 miles. For no reason other than the novelty of it, I present here every chapter 26, verse 2, of the Bible – out of context, and perhaps quite odd to read in isolation from the broader story of the text. The marathon distance is rather arbitrary,Continue reading “The Bible’s “Marathon” Verses – 26:2″